Covid-19 Report

The Black Girls During the Pandemic and Protest from A Long Walk Home is the first report in the United States to examine how the two pandemics – COVID-19 and systemic racism – impacted the lives and livelihood of Black girls and their families. In April 2020, Chicago was the first major city to report that Covid-19 was disproportionately harming African American communities. During this time, Black girls were tasked with the responsibilities of being primary caregivers in their homes, essential workers in their communities, and frontline protesters in the struggle for racial equality. This report reveals the severe costs and consequences for Black communities when Black girls remain under-resourced, overlooked, and vulnerable to multiple forms of violence as well as recognizes the ingenuity, creativity, and unparalleled leadership that Black girls have exhibited in these extraordinary times.


"Over the past year, we have gained new insight into our nation's racial and gender inequities," says Scheherazade Tillet, Executive Director of A Long Walk Home. "For those of us who have survived, we now have the responsibility to remember, use the lessons of empathy we've learned, and ultimately help others heal. This report is a call of action to all of us to recognize the invaluable emotional, physical, and spiritual labor that Black girls have provided during this pandemic and to address their urgent needs and ensure their futures. Our hope is that Black girls and young women are no longer deemed as afterthoughts in our national and local recovery responses. Rather, they deserve to be viewed as essential to our efforts to heal our nation and ourselves."