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Story of a Rape Survivor (SOARS) College Campaign

Through leadership trainings, public lectures and multimedia performance, SOARS empowers college students, survivors, and their allies to address campus sexual assault.
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Story of a Rape Survivor (SOARS) is an award winning multimedia performance

that entertains as well as educates the audience about sexual assault prevention. Featuring the music of Nina Simone, Maxwell, and Sade, SOARS tells one woman’s story about how she reclaimed her body, sexuality, and self-esteem after being sexually assaulted in college. SOARS is a cutting-edge theatrical experience that stars a diverse cast of women, combining photographs, dance, spoken-word poetry and music as a way to educate about healing from sexual violence. The ultimate aim is to show that the shame, guilt and self-blame that rape victims too often experience can be eased; that the stories of rape survivors can be one of triumph and hope.
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The Girl/Friends Leadership Institutes

Girl/Friends Leadership Institutes empower teen girls to use art to advocate for themselves and other girls and design campaigns and policies to end dating violence, sexual assault, and street harassment in their Chicago schools and communities, ultimately changing the face of leadership in the women’s movement. A Long Walk Home has two main sites for Girl/Friends: Girl/Friends at NLCP and Girl/Friends at Mercy Home.
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Girl/Friends at NLCP

is a Girl/Friends Leadership Institute at North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School (NLCP). Girl/Friends at NLCP empowers adolescent girls from NLCP by offering yearlong elective classes, summer trainings, and an after school program in which the youth leaders design and implement their anti-violence campaigns. In collaboration with NLCP high school, Girl/Friends provides under-resourced teen girls, many of whom are survivors of gender violence, access to art therapists and free counseling, a comprehensive curriculum on the digital and creative arts, sexual health, and sexual and dating violence prevention, and mentors who are Chicago’s leading advocates in the movement to end gender violence.
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Girl/Friends at Mercy Home

is a Girl/Friends Leadership Institute at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls for adolescent girls in residential care. In this peer leadership training, the residents experience a customized 10-week workshop series using the Girl/Friends Leadership Institute core curriculum areas Girl/Me, Girl/Culture and Girl/Power. Upon completion of the program, youth leaders use their skills to educate their peer residents by performing at a community showcase featuring video installations, photographs, three dimensional art, teen dating violence posters and original writing.
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Parent Leadership Institute to End Dating and Sexual Violence

is comprised of parents and guardians of Girl/Friends youth leaders. This is the first group of its kind in Chicago and their mission is support Girl/Friends youth leadership programming as well develop strategies to engage other adults and their communities in the prevention of gender violence.
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The Audacity to Heal: A Public Conversation about Surviving Sexual Assault

The Audacity to Heal: A Public Conversation about Surviving Sexual Assault The Audacity to Heal includes rare and never-before-seen photos and video footage from the award-winning multi-media performance, Story of a Rape Survivor (SOARS). SOARS’s creators, Scheherazade and Salamishah Tillet, discuss the role of the arts can play in ending sexual violence, the specific challenges that victims face when they want to break silence around sexual violence, and how secondary victims of sexual violence, such as family members, friends, and intimate partners, can become allies to sexual assault survivors.
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Our Kind of Girls: Sexual Violence and Adolescent Girls

This conversation discusses Girl/Friends, the collaborative sexual-assault prevention program between adult and adolescent girls. By sharing the results from Girl/Friends, “Our Kind of Girls” works with adult allies and school administrators to address the sexual violence experienced by their students by helping them develop a youth-led sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention curricula.
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Change Agents: Friends, Family Members, and Partners of Survivors

This is a lecture for partners, family members, and friends to help them deal with the anger, guilt, and hurt they feel when they learn that their loved one has been sexually assaulted.
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Rape, Popular Culture, and Post-Racial America

What is the relationship between race and sexual violence in our “post-racial” era? By looking at recent high-profile cases, pop music videos, film, feminist and legal scholarship, this lecture discusses how old racial stereotypes continue to shape public perceptions of sexual assault victims and assailants.
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Arts. Activism. Advocacy.

This lecture discusses how sexual assault activism and victim rights advocacy can serve as key components of sexual assault recovery, focusing on how survivor art, activism, and advocacy can be used to empower survivors and contribute to social change in the community.
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Sexual Assault in the 21st Century: The Digital and Media Arts

The Internet has not only vastly changed the way we communicate, becoming the virtual pathways for processing information of all sorts and socializing, but it has increasingly become the hunting ground for sexual predators as well. Using new methods in art therapy and the digital arts, such as photography, projection, video, twitter, and facebook, and live feed, this talk discusses how state-of-the-art technology can empower communities and individuals to prevent and heal from sexual violence.
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Drum Majors: Training Youth Activists to End Sexual Violence

This is a youth-led workshop that organizes high school students to end sexual assault and sexual harassment in their schools. This interactive, multi-media workshop trains high school students to design anti-violence curriculums (such as the Clothesline project),educate their peers, and advocate for sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention programs in their neighborhood as well as schools.
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College Leaders: Working With College Students to End Campus Sexual Violence

The Young Leaders training supports and provides additional resources to college anti-violence organizations. By emphasizing the need for diversity and popular culture literacy in anti-violence programs, we work with administrators and students to devise training, recruitment strategies, community outreach, and campus education programs.
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Safety Abroad: Addressing Sexual Assault on Study Abroad Programs

When students study abroad, they often travel without training in personal safety and an understanding of cross-cultural attitudes towards sexuality and sexual assault. This training helps administrators and students develop comprehensive study-abroad sexual assault resources, insuring that students are aware of university protocol and services for them while they are abroad.
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Upcoming Events

March 25, 2014: 4-5:30pm
Anti-Harassment Campaign
North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School, Chicago, IL

In partnership with Stop Street Harassment, Girl/Friends join International Street Harassment Week and make t-shirts to address issues of sexual harassment in the school community.
Open to the Public

March 26, 2014: 1-3:30pm
Fractured Yet Rising: Art Show

ARC Gallery, 2156 N Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL
Girl/Friends attend a multimedia art exhibit that raises awareness about violence against women.
Open to the Public

April 4, 2014
Anita Hill: Documentary

AMC River East, Chicago, IL
Chicago premiere screening of new documentary film ANITA: Speaking Truth To Power. Films featuring our partner Girls for Gender Equity
Open to the Public

April 5, 2014 7pm at MoMA

1 W 53rd St, New York, NY
Moma: Conversations Among Friends
Conversations: Among Friends explores works of art as reflections of their political and social contexts featuring Lyle Ashton Harris, Deana Lawson, and our Co-Founder, Dr. Salamishah Tillet.
Open to the Public

April 12, 2014 11am-2pm
Parent Leadership Institute presents "Our Stories: African-American Families & Parents Ending Sexual Violence”

North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School, Chicago, IL
For SAAM, Girl/Friends’ parents host afternoon of storytelling and self-care to build community responsibility and end sexual violence. Families are welcome to witness and join the conversation.
Open to the Public
RSVP by April 4 to sangi@alongwalkhome.org or (877)571-1751

April 16, 2014
Dress in Teal Day

North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School, Chicago, IL
Teal is the color of Sexual Assault Awareness. In honor of SAAM, ALWH everyone to wear shades of teal to stand in solidarity to end sexual violence. post on our facebook page: alongwalkhomeinc

April 16, 2014 12:30-2:30pm
5th Annual Clothesline Project

North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School, Chicago, IL
The Clothesline Project addresses the issue of violence against women by providing a vehicle for the women to express their emotions by decorating a shirt.
Open to the Public

April 25, 2014 12:00-1:00pm
RVA's Stand in Silence Witness Demonstration

Daley Plaza, Chicago, IL
ALWH Girl/Friends youth leaders participates in our partner RVA’s hour long Standing Silent Witness demonstration at the Daley Plaza. Join us in silence to demonstrate and bring awareness of the silence that survivors of sexual assault are often forced into.
Open to the Public

April 30, 2014 12-3:00pm
2nd Annual "Got Consent?" Carnival

North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School, Chicago, IL
Girl/Friends host an interactive carnival to bring awareness about Sexual Assault in their community.
RSVP: sangi@alongwalkhome.org
Open to the Public

Monday, May 5, 2014: 4-6pm
Conversation with bell hooks and Co-Founder Salamishah Tillet:
Passionate Present: Protecting Black Girlhood

Eugene Lang College
The New School for Liberal Arts
65 West 11th Street (near 6th Ave), NYC, NY 10011
Wollman Hall, 5th floor
Open to the Public

Video News Feature: ALWH on BET/Meet the Faith w/Ian Smith

Sexual Abuse, Healing, and Faith in the African American Community

Audio News Feature: ALWH on NPR

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