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Girl/Friends: Adolescent Girls Preventing and Healing from Sexual Assault
Girl/Friends is a multi-media art program designed specifically for adolescent girls (ages 14-19). Because teen pregnancy and sexual violence against girls are two of the most important issues facing adolescent girls today, our program has two target populations: 1) teenage mothers; 2) at-risk adolescent girls. Topics covered in this program are: sexual assault, teenage dating violence, statutory rape, sexual harassment and sexual assault laws.

SOARS (please click on the link for detailed program descriptions)

The SOARS (Story Of A Rape Survivor) sexual assault programs are comprised of a two hour theatrical performance, keynote lectures, trainings, workshops, and curriculums designed to educate the public about and to facilitate individual and community healing from sexual violence.



SOARS is a two hour performance about one woman’s journey to reclaim her body, sexuality, spirituality, and self esteem after being sexual assaulted in college. Performed by a diverse cast of women and featuring photographs taken by her sister during the recovery process, SOARS uses modern dance, spoken-word, and music to educate the public about sexual violence and to ease the shame, guilt, and self-blame that rape victims too often feel with a story of hope and healing.

Workshops and Lectures

Campus Safety

  • Safety Abroad: Addressing Sexual Assault on Study Abroad Programs
  • Young Leaders: Working With Students to End Campus Sexual Violence

Using Art to Heal

  • Secondary Victims: Friends, Family Members, and Partners of Survivors
  • SPA: Coping with Vicarious Trauma
  • Art Therapy and Sexual Assault
  • Digital Media and Recovering from Sexual Assault
  • I Love My Body: Sexual Assault, Body Image, and Dance Therapy
  • Sexual Healing: Sexual Abuse and Finding Our Sexual Selves
  • Healing through Works: Sexual Assault Activism

Race and Media

  • No Longer P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Things): Media Coverage of Child Sexual Assault
  • Illegal Body Checks: Race, Sports, and Sexual Assault
  • Beyond Black and White: Race, Rape, and the American Popular Culture

Keynote Lectures

  • Groupies and Gold-diggers: The Construction of Female Sexuality in Hip Hop
  • He Can Have Anyone He Wants: The Cult of the Celebrity and the Denial of Rape



“On behalf of the “Take Back the Night committee, I would like to thank you both and your organization for your participation in the Take the Night Programs. People left that evening feeling very moved by your experiences and the path to healing you both have traveled together. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of our program.”

Elizabeth A. Byrne University of Penn Women’s Center