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A Long Walk Home, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that uses art therapy and the visual and performance arts to document, to educate and to bring about social change. We use the testimonies, poetry, music, photographs, and videos of and by women and children to provide safe and entertaining forums through which the public learns about healing from trauma.


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Story of a Rape Survivor (SOARS)

Girl/Friends: Adolescent Girls Preventing and Healing from Sexual Assault

Social Documentary
Art Therapy
work is grounded in the faith that exposing social and economic problems in a society can help generate political awareness and change. A Long Walk Home utilizes social documentary art to capture the reality of violence and trauma in our communities.
is the creative process of making art that is healing and life-enhancing. A Long Walk Home uses art therapy techniques to increase self-awareness, to cope with traumatic experiences, and to enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of artistic creativity.
is the combination of a diverse number of visual and audio technologies. A Long Walk Home programs mix media, such as video, photography, dance, music, theater, sculpture, and writing, to provide safe and entertaining forums to explore the impact of trauma and healing in society.
is the commitment to recognizing, respecting and appreciating cultural differences. A Long Walk Home creates artistic venues that explore the impact of violence, race, gender, class and sexuality on trauma and healing.
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