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Executive Director

Scheherazade Tillet
is the executive director of and the photographer for A Long Walk Home. She recieved her B.A in Child Development and Studio Arts from Tufts University. She has studied photography at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and Rutgers University Mason Gross School of Arts. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Art therapy at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago. In 1998, under tutelage of social documentary photographer, Steve Hart, she began her project "A Long Walk Home:A Story Of A Rape Survivor" as a mini social documentary project in which she intimaterly documented her sister's recovery from sexual assualt. Scheherazade has transformed her initial mini project into a full-scale photography exhibition and multimedia slideshow presentation. Scheherazade believes that music, modern dance, West African dance and spoken word poetry in conjuction with her photographs will convey the complexity and beauty of the healing process.

In April 2000 and March 2001, sponsored by the Tufts University Women's Center and Tufts University African-American Center, Scheherazade directed "A Long Walk Home: A Story of A Rape Survivor" to educate college students about the trauma of sexual assault.

She is a freelance photographer and has worked on numerous social documentary projects such as "Children in Ghana", "Body Image: The Last Trimester, "Harlem World" and a project in progress on African-American Women.

Photograph taken by Salamishah Tillet 1 in 4-college women has been the victim of rape or attempted rape during her college years.